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Saturday, 27 February 2010

Getting Ripped at Ratho

As the EUMC trip to Torridon was cancelled this weekend due to too much snow we went to Ratho instead, in training for our sport climbing trip in easter to Spain. Got ridiculously pumped, the routes there are so draining!

Had a crack at most of the stuff, mainly the big lead wall but lead a 6a on the tower and the stupidly overhanging articulated one (was pretty much horizontal today). Needless too say it spat me off a few from the top.

Quite pleased with what I got done, climbed a couple of 6b's which felt alright for my pussy CSE arms. There was a plan to go dry tooling tomorrow at Newtyle Quarry in Dunkeld, but got an offer of free skiing which I couldn't refuse!

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