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Sunday, 28 February 2010

Ski Sunday

Went to Aonach Mor today with Dad, Kenneth and Jenny. Was cold, overcast and windy in the morning, however it cleared up to be a fantastic day. The snow in perfect condition, nice dry groomed powder!

My first time at Nevis Range, was impressed with the fast tows and the nice facilities. Only really the one bowl to ski in, as the back corries were to avalanche prone, but it was big enough to pick a different line each time. And even better, I didn't pay a thing :P.

Saturday, 27 February 2010

Getting Ripped at Ratho

As the EUMC trip to Torridon was cancelled this weekend due to too much snow we went to Ratho instead, in training for our sport climbing trip in easter to Spain. Got ridiculously pumped, the routes there are so draining!

Had a crack at most of the stuff, mainly the big lead wall but lead a 6a on the tower and the stupidly overhanging articulated one (was pretty much horizontal today). Needless too say it spat me off a few from the top.

Quite pleased with what I got done, climbed a couple of 6b's which felt alright for my pussy CSE arms. There was a plan to go dry tooling tomorrow at Newtyle Quarry in Dunkeld, but got an offer of free skiing which I couldn't refuse!

Friday, 26 February 2010

Ben Udlaidh

Epic weekend!
Debate all last week about whether we would go rock or ice, and after it had been finally decided to head to Northumberland we thought the conditions too good to miss.

We were just leaving the wall at CSE on Friday night about 10ish when we cooked up the plan to leave that night. Headed round to GBH, got some guys together, and ended up leaving Edinburgh at 1.30 on saturday morning! Got to the layby at the crag at 3.30am, knackered, and after successfully waking up the guys and the dog already there, had the tents up and were falling asleep by 4ish.

Back up at 6.30. Gave Rob some abuse - I'm afraid I am shit in the mornings.
We were up in the corrie by 9 and Rob and I decided on West Gully, and easy grade 3. Harry went off to climb some crazy buttress, Liam and Jamie thought of Sunshine Gully but ended up on west gully too. We thought about the White Caterpillar, but it looked a bit icy and we didn't have many screws.
Great climb, I was up it in December with Whitty when it was much thinner! Got up in 2 pitches, I led a left variant for a bit of sport. Some harder stuff at the end if you were keen (or had more then 2 blunt cast-off ice screws).

After lunch on the top, traversed down Central Gully and along to Sunshine - it looked so much different to when I was here in December, totally banked out and much easier! Went for the one along from it - Ramshead Gully. I led the first pitch - tight chimney with some fun moves, and Robbie the second, which was probably harder with an icy pitch and an awkward cornice.
Walked off in fantastic sunshine after a stunning day.

Headed back to Edinburgh via Langbank for some good dinner and to pick up my axes, for a night in Potterrow with some medics. What a day!

First Post!

After a little inspiration i have decided to start blogging what I get up to! It's more to keep a diary and a record for myself, but if you enjoy checking it out all the better.
I'll start by posting about last weekend.